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Example gene sets

#1 35 A. thaliana shade avoidance genes. Filiault et al.,PLOS Genetics, 2012

#2 17 Z. mays leaf initiation genes. Tian et al., Nature Genetics, 2011

Other Plant Species available by orthology

OrganismCommon name DatabaseExample gene name
Brachypodium distachyonPurple False BromeThe Brachypodium distachyon Information Resource (v1.2)Bradi1g00247
Brassica rapaChinese CabbageBRAD : Brassica Database (v1.2)Bra000001
Carica papayaPapayaASGPB Hawaii Papaya Genome Project (First version)evm.TU.contig_24415.13
Cicer arietinumChickpeaICGGC : International Chickpea Genetics and Genomics Consortium (v1.0)Ca_00003
Citrus sinensisSweet OrangeCitrus Genome Database (v1.0)orange1.1g000001m.g
Elaeis guineensisAfrican Oil PalmMalaysian Oil Palm Genome Programme (v2)p5_sc00001.V1.gene1009
Fragaria vescaWild StrawberryGenome Database for Rosaceae (v1.1)gene00090-v1.0-hybrid
Glycine maxSoybeanDOE-JGI Community Sequencing Program (v1.0)Glyma0002s50
Gossypium raimondiiDOE-Joint Genome Institute (v2.1)Gorai.001G000600
Malus domesticaAppleGenome Database for Rosaceae (v1)MDP0000001088
Medicago truncatulaBarrel MedicUS/EU Medicago trunculata genome sequencing project (Mt3.5 v4)AC139744_2
Musa acuminataDwarf BananaThe Banana Genome Hub (v1.0)GSMUA_Achr10P00130_001
Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaRiceMSU Rice Genome Annotation Project (v7.0)LOC_Os01g01010
Phaseolus vulgarisCommon BeanDOE-Joint Genome Institute (v1.0)Phvul.001G000300
Populus trichocarpaBlack CottonwoodDOE-Joint Genome Institute (v3.0)Potri.001G000400
Prunus mumeJapanese ApricotPrunus mume Database ()Pm000004
Prunus persicaPeachInternational Peach Genome Initiative (v1.0)ppa000001m.g
Selaginella moellendorffiiSpikemossDOE-Joint Genome Institute (v1.0)100003
Setaria viridisGreen MilletSetariabase (v01)Si000001m_1
Solanum lycopersicumTomatoTomato Genome Consortium (v2.3)Solyc00g005050.2
Solanum tuberosumPotatoSolanaceae Genomics Resource at Michigan State University (v3.4)PGSC0003DMG400000005
Sorghum bicolorCereal GrassDOE-JGI Community Sequencing Program (v1.4)Sb01g000210
Thellungiella halophilaDOE-Joint Genome Institute (v1)Thhalv10000004m.g
Theobroma cacaoCacaoCacao Genome Project (v1.1)Thecc1EG000002
Triticum aestivumBread WheatInternational Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (v2.1)Traes_1AL_00DE5195E
Vitis viniferaGrape VineFrench-Italian Public Consortium for Grapevine Genome (First version)GSVIVG01000003001
Zea mays cv. B73MaizeMaize Genome DataBase (build 5b)AC147602.5_FG004
Spirodela polyrhizaGreater DuckweedMIPS/IBIS (v2)Spipo0G0000100