Infer function from network neighbors (Gene-centric network search)
Functional annotations

Mouse-GOBP : Gene Ontology Biological Process (Mouse)
Mouse-KEGG : Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (Mouse)
Mouse-MP : Mammalian Phenotype (Mouse)

Human-GOBP : Gene Ontology Biological Process (Human)
Human-OMIM : Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (Human)
Human-HPO : The Human Phenotype Ontology (Human)

Mouse-GOBP Annotation Evidence Code (optional)

Choose GO Annotation Evidence Code Filters.
Default 6 evidence codes are with high reliability.

Gene Set

Input a set of genes for a function/pathway/phenotype. (Max=300).
Each gene name must be separated by comma, tab, white space or new line.
Input Format : Entrez Gene ID (71950) or Gene Symbol (Nanog)


Select your organism of interest for the analysis.

MGI Vertebrate Homology is used for converting mouse id to other species. (Nucl. Acids Res. (28 January 2015) 43 (D1): D726-D736.).

Example gene sets

#1 3 mouse genes unannotated by GOBP: Adam4, Scgn, Synpo2

#2 rfx2 (known for ciliogenesis in Xenopus) (Chung et al., 2012)