II. Context-centric search

Submit a set of differentially expressed genes for a cell state below.

  • The primary form of the input of StaphNet is new locus tag of USA300_FPR3757.
  • StaphNet is also compatible with various input formats.
    1. Gene Symbol(e.g. pheS, sdhA)
    2. Old locus tag of USA300_FPR3757 (e.g. SAUSA300_2630, SAUSA300_2627)
    3. Protein Accession (e.g. WP_000160859.1, WP_000435374.1)
    4. New locus tag of N315, NCTC8325, TW20
    5. Old locus tag of 31 other subspecies (Compatible subspecies and their orthology)
    * Those types of inputs are automatically mapped to USA300_FPR3757 new locus tag.
  • Each gene name must be separated by tab, comma, white space, or new line.
  • Example : ureE, upp, ileS, SAUSA300_RS06440, SAUSA300_RS04885
  • Maximum number of genes is limited to 500

Example gene sets

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