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Gene Ontology Annotation Evidence code

GO evidence codeDescription by Gene Ontoloty
IDA Inferred from Direct Assay
IMP Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
IGI Inferred from Genetic Interaction
IPI Inferred from Physical Interaction
IEP Inferred from Expression Pattern
TAS Traceable Author Statement
RCA Inferred from Reviewed Computational Analysis
IGC Inferred from Genomic Context
ISS Inferred from Sequence or Structural Similarity
NAS Non-traceable Author Statement
IEA Inferred from Electronic Annotation
IC Inferred by Curator

Evidence codes for 9 types of data sets incorporated in YeastNet
Evidence code Data set description
CC Inferred links by co-citation of two genes across 46,111 pubmed Medline article abstracts for yeast biology
CX Inferred links by co-expression pattern of two genes (based on high-dimensional gene expression data)
DC Inferred links by co-occurrence of protein domains between two coding genes
GN Inferred links by similar genomic context of bacterial orthologs of two yeast genes
GT Inferred links by similar profiles of genetic interaction partners
HT Links by high-throughput protein-protein interactions
LC Links by small/medium-scale protein-protein interactions (collected from protein-protein interaction data bases)
PG Inferred links by similar phylogenetic profiles between two yeast genes
TS Inferred links by 3-D protein structure of interacting orthologous proteins between two yeast proteins