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Gene-centric prediction: Infer functions from network neighbors

Submit a set of genes for a function/pathway/phenotype below.

Query form
  • Use ORF name(ex:ZK792.6) or Symbol name(ex:let-60)
  • Each gene name must be separated by tab, comma, white space, or new line.
  • The maximum number of query genes is 100.

Click "toy example" to run an example query.
  • Toy example :  11 genes with updated GO-BP(Gene ontology - Biological Process) terms for 'reproduction' between November 2011 and February 2014.
    You will see 'reproduction' as a top 10 predicted GO-BP term.

Calculation will take 1~2 minutes.

Choose GO annotation evidence code filters

  • For more information, read the table below.

Submit your query gene(s) below.

Gene Ontology Annotation Evidence code
GO evidence code Description by Gene Ontoloty
IDA Inferred from Direct Assay
IMP Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
IGI Inferred from Genetic Interaction
IPI Inferred from Physical Interaction
IEP Inferred from Expression Pattern
TAS Traceable Author Statement
ISS Inferred from Sequence or Structural Similarity
RCA Inferred from Reviewed Computational Analysis
IGC Inferred from Genomic Context
NAS Non-traceable Author Statement
IEA Inferred from Electronic Annotation
IC Inferred by Curator