is a network prioritization server for the Drosophila melanogaster biology. The FlyNet web server is specialized for the generation of versatile hypothesis in Drosophila-based studies.

  • Extensive biological data are implemented. The comprehensive gene network model covers 13,119 fly genes (~95% of the coding genes) and 779,484 links.
  • Versatile prioritization options are provided. FlyNet prioritizes Drosophila functions and genes for Drosophila traits, and even for Drosophila genes for human disease.
  • Diverse analytical approaches are provided. FlyNet provides complementary network prioritization algorithms and utilizes spatiotemporal analysis.

Fly Function Prioritization provides a functional insight for an uncharacterized fly gene by ranking functional annotation terms and RNAi phenotypes for the query gene. in detail...

Submit fly genes to inquire related functions & RNAi phenotypes,
OR start with our example data.
(resource: starvation resistance genes from DRGP GWAS)

Human Disease Prioritization attempts to suggest an alternative to investigate human diseases by means of fly orthologs and gene perturbation phenotypes of those orthologs. in detail...

Submit human or fly genes known as related to a human disease,
(please make sure that match the species name under the box)
`OR start with our example data of human disease genes.
(resource: human schizophrenia-associated genes in OMIM)


Fly Gene Prioritizatoin identifies new candidate genes for the function/ pathway/phenotype of the fly and provides diverse network analysis to generate reliable hypothesis. in detail...

Submit fly genes of a function to implement network analysis,
OR start with our example data.
(resource: genes shown disturbed phenotypes in development of Drosophila embryonic nervous system from RNAi screening)